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7th July 2016

Royal Clipper

In addition to major destinations around the world, Star Clippers is also renowned for their itineraries which involve sailing to smaller islands. Due to their smaller size, Star Clippers tall sailing ships are able to sail into smaller ports and reach destinations that larger ships are generally unable to access. This means you will be able to enjoy hidden beaches, picturesque islands and unique destinations that not many other travellers get the chance to visit. This week, we take a look at some of the islands you may be lucky enough to visit on board a Star Clippers cruise.

Porquerolles Island – France


Selected cruises in the Western Mediterranean will take you along the south coast of France and dock in glamorous destinations such as Cannes and St. Tropez. If you are lucky, you may also visit the island of Porquerolles – one of three that make up the Iles d’Hyeres island group. This island is a mere four miles long and two miles wide, and upon arrival, you will be dazzled by the expansive golden beaches on display. The crescent-shaped coast works wonders with the turquoise waters, sand and trees to create a peaceful oasis that you will never forget.

Gozo – Malta

Gozo Malta

When it comes to Malta, many of the larger cruise ships dock to visit the nation’s capital, Valetta. Few tourists realise that Malta is actually made up of three different islands, which could be due, in part, to the fact the nation’s main island share its name with the country as a whole. There are two other islands – Gozo and Comino – and selected Star Clippers itineraries can take you to the former. Unlike Malta, Gozo is smaller and less built-up, yet offers a high concentration of churches, beautiful countryside areas, and dazzling coastlines. It is ideal for anyone looking to truly experience the Maltese culture.

Patmos – Greece

Patmos Greece

The Eastern Mediterranean provides a home for 6,000 Greek islands, although only 227 are actually inhabited. One of the most significant of these is Patmos, which sits close to the western coast of Turkey. It is here that many believe Saint John the Divine had his revelation, which led to him writing the book on Apocalypse. The cave where he is said to have lived and had these revelations is now a UNESCO World Heritage site, housing many priceless icons and manuscripts.

Grenadine Islands – Caribbean

Grenadine Islands

During the cold British winter months, the Caribbean provides the ideal option for a Star Clippers cruise. Here, you will find a range of unparalleled beach destinations and hidden islands which are ideal for tranquil relaxation. This particularly becomes apparent upon sailing to the Grenadines, which are made up of thirty islands – each of which is an untouched paradise of white-sand beaches and crystal clear waters.

Isla de la Juventud - Cuba

Whilst the Cuban mainland took advantage of mass sugar and tobacco production, Isla de la Juventud played no part in this role. It is worth noting that, up until the Castro Revolution, this distinctive island became highly influenced by America. Today, the island is a sleepy and laid-back destination and is ideal for those seeking an off the beaten track experience. Isla de la Juventud is ideal for those looking for diving opportunities, whilst those looking to soak up the Cuban culture may be lucky to experience the distinctive sucu sucu music style – a sub-genre of Cuban son.

Wherever you decide to travel with Star Clippers, you will be able to experience an unparalleled style of cruising, which more closely resembles a bygone era of sailing. During their travels, many famous explorers took refuge on these small island paradises before sailing to new and untouched lands. Additionally, from December 2016, passengers will also be able to enjoy the beautiful bays and untouched paradises of Far East Asia.

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