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Say Christmas to anyone and thoughts come to mind such as family, nativity, turkey, happiness and the odd one out being "cold weather". But it doesn't have to be the case...

What if you could escape the weather and try something totally different this Christmas? How about embarking a four, or even five mast tall clipper ship, hearken back to the golden age of sail to experience the wonders of the Caribbean? Star Clippers provides just that. With a detailed Christmas tour around the Caribbean, you are guaranteed to be able to soak up the sun.

Below is a detailed itinerary of what you can expect from a seven night Christmas cruise around the Caribbean on board the Royal Clipper in 2014.

Caribbean Cruise
Barbados Caribbean

Day 1 – 20th December – Barbados

Bridgetown, on the east coast of Jamaica, is where the adventure begins and the Royal Clipper departs. The town got its name from a bridge being built in the place of an Indian bridge after 1654. A very traditional town – it maintains a lot of it’s roots from when the British took over including past times such as cricket and high tea.

A lot of red sands found on the beaches here were blown all the way across the Atlantic from the Sahara Desert. Popular sites to visit include Villa Nova sugar plantation, Trafalgar Square and St Michael’s Cathedral.

St-Lucia Caribbean

Day 2 – 21st December – St Lucia

Rodney Bay is one of St Lucia’s largest and most popular beaches and is also popular for yachting – so no surprise that this is the first port of call for the Christmas cruise. In addition – the island is filled with banana plantations, rain forests and even a drive in volcano to explore.

Other sites worth visiting include the Diamond Falls and Mineral Baths where you can wander and take time out to relax in the tranquil pools underneath the waterfalls.

Dominica Caribbean

Day 3 – 22nd December – Dominica

Roseau is Dominica’s beautiful and colourful capital – surrounded by black sand beaches and featuring a steamy rainforest.

Step away from the beaches and stroll into the Old Market Plaza, where you may be able to pick up a unique last minute Christmas gift.

Stroll even further to Morne Bruce and get unique views of the botanic gardens and panoramic views of Roseau.

Antigua Falmouth Harbour Caribbean

Day 4 – 23rd December – Antigua

Falmouth harbour is certainly popular with tourists.

The area is renowned for harbouring some of the most expensive yachts in the world over the Christmas period.

Falmouth harbour and the whole of Antigua is steeped in history and is internationally recognised for sailing; which is epitomised by Lord Horatio Nelson who arrived in the 18th century, boosting the island’s commercial shipping reputation.

St-Kitts Caribbean

Day 5 – 24th December – St Kitts

It’s Christmas Eve and it’s hard to think of anywhere better to spend it than on the golden beaches of South Friar’s beach on the island of St Kitts.

The nation is known as the first successful colony in the British West Indies and is home to two British forts.

If you fancy taking a break from beautiful beaches, you can stroll into the island’s capital, Basseterre, for a spot of Christmas shopping or even take time out for a round of golf.

Iles-Des-Saintes Guadeloupe Caribbean

Day 6 – 25th December – Iles Des Saintes

Merry Christmas! Forget putting the turkey in the oven and ensuring the house is clean condition for guests…

Instead, soak up the sun in this gorgeous archipelago – with temperatures often reaching 27 degrees. Iles Des Saintes consists of a group of eight tiny islands and is the perfect sunshine isolation for Christmas day.

Take time out to relax with a drink in hand and excellent cuisine or why not take the opportunity to try something new like snorkelling or diving. It will be a Christmas Day like no other!

Martinique Caribbean

Day 7 – 26th December – Martinique

And to recover… A relaxing day in the tropical island of Martinique.

Admire the history of Fort De France and soak up the culture of an island heavily influenced not only by France but the Caribbean, South Asia and Africa.

Be sure to bring back souvenirs for your loved ones from the markets and enjoy the excellent spicy creole food.

Day 8 – 27th December – Barbados

It’s back to Barbados with the memories of not only a cruise to remember but a Christmas to remember – sailing around the Caribbean in the most traditional sense. A Christmas cruise will take you around all of the islands mentioned above as well as many more including: Aruba, St Maarten, Jamaica and Curucao and each cruise features activities and excursions to suit everyone’s taste. You’ll be wondering if you’ll ever find a use for that Christmas jumper again!

Star Clippers deliver unique sailing experiences around the Caribbean, Cuba and the Grand Cayman, the Panama Canal and the Mediterranean all year round.

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