Tantalise your taste buds in the Mediterranean

24th August 2018

For many holiday makers embarking on a cruise, food is placed at the forefront of their interests and the opportunity to try new cuisines is one that is highly relished. Fortunately, for those embarking on a traditional tall ship sailing with Star Clippers, there will be a unique chance to try a diverse range of dishes that reflect the region in which you are sailing and enhance your overall experience.

And when it comes to vibrant dishes and fresh ingredients, there are few better regions to visit than the Mediterranean. On selected sailings within this region in 2018 and 2019, you will have an opportunity to better familiarise yourself with this region by tasting some of the flavoursome dishes that are available. This week, we take a look at a couple of the dishes you will be able to try on board selected Mediterranean sailings with Star Clippers.

Greek Meze

Meze Platter

On sailings to the Greek Cyclades islands, there is no better way to sample some of the region’s impressive range of fresh ingredients than with a meze platter. The word ‘meze’ loosely translates as a series of small dishes and will often feature savoury meats, fish, vegetables, feta cheese sprinkled with oregano, fried meatballs, local sausages, Greek beans in a tomato sauce and a combination of rice, meat and pine nuts wrapped in vine leaves. These components are then served with an assortment of dips which usually comprises of taramasalata, grilled aubergine and refreshing yoghurt.



Translated, the name ‘arancini’ means ‘little orange’, which would be an accurate description of the outer colour but not of the contents that lie within. This dish originates from the Italian island of Sicily, which is widely regarded for taking Italian cuisine to a whole new level. Coated on bread crumbs and deep fried, these delicious little balls comprise of rice, a ragu consisting of meat and tomato sauce, and mozzarella cheese. After the cooking process, they appear in a distinctively orange/golden colour and are a popular favourite with visitors to the markets of Messina.

These are just two of the many dishes you can sample during your travels through the Mediterranean with Star Clippers. The smaller size of the fleet's ships provides an opportunity to visit a range of destinations that are generally considered to be inaccessible to larger vessels. From charming and historical towns to untouched island paradises, a cruise with Star Clippers is a journey to behold.

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