Star Clippers Caribbean Cruise - Part 7 - Illes des Saintes

14th January 2016

Illes des Saintes

A real gem, just off of Guadeloupe where the famous ‘Death in Paradise’ is filmed, Illes des Saintes is a gorgeous port of call, and potentially my favourite on this particular itinerary. After a short tender ride, we arrived at the beautiful harbour, lined with multi-coloured boutiques either side of the narrow cobbled streets. The French influence here was clear to see (and hear) with it being the first language on the island too. It’s quite bizarre to be on a tiny island in the midst of the Caribbean and hear the French language and pay in euros, however, there is definitely something really charming and intriguing about it too.

We strolled around the quaint gift shops before retiring for a cool drink overlooking the marina, with a perfect view of the Royal Clipper positioned between a few privately owned yachts that were anchored here today too. After lunch on board, we took the second tender of the day, this time, over to a very small beach. Star Clippers passengers were the only people to step on this stretch of beach today, giving it a real exclusive feel. The water sports team were on hand to offer guests a helping hand if anyone was feeling active enough, but plenty of us were happy enough to lie back and enjoy the beaming hot sunshine…

This evening was particularly special, as ‘Captain’s Night’ was upon us. Even now we don’t enforce a formal dress code, ‘Casual Elegance’ remains as it always does throughout the voyage, however, some people do choose to dress up a little more tonight, so you can if you like. As well as a mouth-watering menu including chateaubriand, lobster tail and baked Alaska, the atmosphere in the dining room is electric, with the famous march of the waiters with the baked Alaska, a real tradition on any cruise and we certainly don’t miss it out!

Illes des Saintes

The captain will raise a toast with the complimentary glass of champagne provided to everyone before everyone makes their way back up to the bar for the ‘Talent Show’. From the Goan waiters showcasing a local dance from home to keen passengers showing off their musical skills and a light-hearted comedy sketch from the sports team, our evening was filled with laughter, tears and dancing, which continued late into the night, all under the stars!

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