Star Clipper set to switch to Phuket sailings for the winter

12th October 2017

Southeast Asia is one of the newest regions to be offered by Star Clippers, offering the opportunity to visit untouched islands and exotic destinations. A sailing in this region is a completely different experience to that offered in the Mediterranean or Caribbean, as you will be able to reach destinations that would otherwise be considered to be inaccessible. This, in addition to being able to see it all from the comfort of a traditional tall ship, makes for an unforgettable holiday.

Throughout the spring and summer seasons, the Star Clipper operates sailings out of the Indonesian island of Bali, with eastbound and westbound itineraries available. Autumn, however, brings with a new opportunity within Southeast Asia, with the opportunity to embark on a northern or southern itinerary to a variety of destinations throughout Thailand. So, without further ado, we take a look at some of the most impressive destinations you can visit on board one of these impressive itineraries.

Ko Surin

Ko Surin

Many of Thailand’s islands are particularly hidden and untouched, largely due to the fact they operate as protected wildlife sites. One of the finest examples is Ko Surin, which is one of the southernmost located of the Thai islands. It is highly renowned as being one of the best locations in Thailand for snorkelling and diving, with angel fish, buttery fish, moray, surgeon fish and sea turtles among the marine life you can expect to be able to see.

Further inland, you will discover an untouched jungle that is home to an exotic range of monkeys, snakes, lizards and an abundant birdlife. One of the most impressive sights on the island, however, is the Moken village, where nomadic peoples reside. A visit will provide an opportunity to admire thatched roof boats, mystical wooden pillar statues and a language which you won’t hear anywhere else on earth.

Similan Islands

Similan Islands

Accessible only by sea, these nine islands sit peacefully within the Andaman Sea and offer a tropical paradise. Each of these distinctively unique islands is surrounded by vibrant coral reefs and topped by impressive rock formations. While the striking, almost gravity-defying rocks may be the first aspect to catch your attention, a glance down will enable you to realise that you may have actually reached paradise on earth. Gorgeous powder white-sands create the perfect place to relax and soak up the sun in blissful tranquillity.

Ko Kradan

No villages, roads or shops can be found on the tiny island of Ko Kradan, of which 90% is protected as part of the Hat Chao Mai National Park. It is home to a long and thin stretch of white powder sand that has gained accolades for being one of the finest beaches in the world. The tranquil setting of the beach together with the crystal-clear turquoise waters and peaceful surroundings are collectively worthy of a postcard picture. The island is also an ideal spot to try snorkelling, with plenty of opportunities to admire the vibrant coral life.

Ko Adang

Ko Adang

Situated only a stone’s throw from the Malaysian border, the island of Ko Adang is just one of the 61 islands that make up the Butang island group. It is also considered to be way off the radar for most tourist groups, meaning that the beaches are solely yours to enjoy for the day. The only permanent habitations on the island are the Park offices, so the chances of being distracted during your beach relaxation are remote. A journey further inland will enable you to admire the abundance of nature on the island, while also guiding you to a series of impressive waterfalls.

You will be able to experience these sailings for yourself from the 4th November 2017, following a series of transfer sailings from Bali and Singapore. As well as Southeast Asia, throughout the winter period you can also enjoy sailings within the Western Mediterranean, the Caribbean, around Cuba and across the Atlantic.

For more information or to book a sailing, contact us via the freephone number above or chat to an advisor online.

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