Shore Excursion Booklets


Winter 2018

pdf7-Nights Grenadine Islands

pdf7-Nights Windward Islands

pdf14-Nights ABC Islands

Spring 2018

pdf5-Nights Lisbon to Malaga

pdf7-Nights Malaga to Cannes

pdf12-Nights Lisbon to Cannes

pdf14-Nights Malaga to Cannes

pdf16-Nights Barbados to Lisbon

pdf28-Nights Barbados to Cannes

Summer 2018

pdf4-Nights Rome July 10

pdf7-Nights Amalfi & Sicily

pdf7-Nights Cannes May 5

pdf7-Nights Cannes May 12

pdf7-Nights Cannes to Rome May 19

pdf7-Nights Croatia & Montenegro June 23

pdf7-Nights Rome to Cannes August 18 & September 15

pdf7-Nights Cannes to Rome August 25

pdf7-Nights Cannes September 22 & October 6

pdf7-Nights Cannes September 29

pdf10-Nights Italy, Montenegro & Croatia August 8

pdf11-Nights Italy, Montenegro & Croatia July 28



Winter 2018

pdf7-Nights Phuket Northern Route

pdf7-Nights Phuket Southern Route

pdf7-Nights Phuket to Singapore

pdf7-Nights Singapore to Phuket

Summer 2018

 pdf7-Nights Bali Eastbound

pdf7-Nights Bali Westbound

pdf10-Nights Bali Roundtrip

pdf11-Nights Bali Roundtrip

pdf14-Nights Bali to Singapore

pdf14-Nights Singapore to Bali



Winter 2018

pdf7-Nights Leeward Islands

pdf7-Nights Treasure Islands

pdf11-Nights Jamaica to St Maarten

Spring 2018

pdf20- Nights St. Maarten to Lisbon

Summer 2018

pdf5-Nights Cannes to Rome June 30

pdf6-Nights Lisbon to Malaga

pdf7-Nights Cannes May 26

pdf7-Nights Cannes June 2 & June 16

pdf7-Nights Cannes June 9

pdf7-Nights Northern Cyclades

pdf7-Nights Southern Cyclades

pdf 7-Nights Barcelona to Cannes

pdf9-Nights Rome to Athens July 5

pdf10-Nights Venice to Athens

pdf11-Nights Athens to Venice

pdf11-Nights Athens to Venice September 1

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