Six of the best `bucket list’ experiences on a tall ship sailing


Swim with rays in the Caribbean
You’re never far from the water on a tall ship sailing with just four decks, gang planks leading straight down to zodiacs and tenders and a drop down Marine Deck at the stern of Royal Clipper. Complimentary water sports are included with all sailings, and snorkelling masks and flippers are offered to all guests for use throughout their stay. Swim with teeming colourful fish or take an optional guided snorkelling excursion to snorkel with rays and other marine life during a relaxed and idyllic sailing through some of the Caribbean’s most beautiful and unspoilt islands, dropping anchor and harbouring in ports and bays inaccessible to large cruise ships.

How to swim with rays : Book a Windward Islands sailing on board Royal Clipper, 7 nights, 8th February 2020 £1,675pp price includes all meals on board and port charges. 0808 231 4798 or visit

Transit the Panama Canal
Be on deck of one of the most head-turning ships to transit the 105 year old 48 mile long Panama Canal between the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean, sailing through this spectacular man-made channel 26m (85’) above sea level. With their towering masts and sleek lines Star Flyer and Royal Clipper always turn heads as the ships navigate the lock systems and the alongside other private craft, naval and cargo vessels, taking this 8000 mile `short cut’ around South America to pass between the north Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean sea.

Transit the Panama Canal, Antigua - Barbados – Royal Clipper, 14 nights, 21st November 2020 £3,445pp price includes all meals on board and port charges. 0808 231 4798 or visit 

Climb the rigging up to the crow’s nest
Maintaining the rigging and the sails and keeping a watch from the crow’s nest were a daily part of the perilous roles of sailors of the 19th and early 20th centuries as cargo ships traversed the oceans under wind and sail. Today, guests on board the three historically styled tall ships in Star Clippers’ fleet can experience a more genteel, but still adrenalin raising version of climbing the rigging to the first crow’s nest, 15m above the teak decks. Under the watchful eye of the ships’ sports crew and harnessed safely to the rigging, guests from 8 to 80 have made the breath taking climb to this exceptional vantage point to give spectacular views of the sails, the decks, the sea and the sky.

Climb the rigging during a Greek islands sailing from Athens – Athens – Star Flyer, 7 nights, 27th June 2020 £1,690pp price includes all meals on board and port charges. 0808 231 4798 or visit

Stand on a live volcano
Mt. Etna on the Italian island of Sicily is one of the world’s most active volcanoes and is in a state of almost constant activity. A regular port call for Star Clippers’ western Mediterranean itineraries Sicily is a favourite destination for those in search of culture, history and the chance to stand beside a smoking hot crater at 2920m on the highest accessible point of Mt. Etna. Take the cable-way up to 2920m and hike the rest or join a jeep safari to the barren grey, volcanic wasteland, to trek around the peaks and craters, feeling the heat of the lava and getting an almost 360 degree view of the island.

Sand on Mt. Etna during a sailing through Sicily & Greece, Athens - Valletta – Star Flyer, 5 nights, 30th October 2020, £1,210pp price includes all meals on board and port charges. 0808 231 4798 or visit

Visit an exotic Bond island
Thailand’s Phang Nga Bay is characterised by its numerous mangrove forests and small islands, dramatic limestone cliffs and rock formations, with towering karsts of vertical rock jutting out of the emerald sea. One of the most spectacular of the rocky pinnacles is Koh Ta-pu, which towers 20m above the water like a huge molar, just 4m wide at the base and 8m at the summit. The craggy outcrop of rock was immortalised after becoming the screen hideout for James Bond’s adversary, Francisco Scaramanga, in the 1974 film `The Man with the Golden Gun’ and attracts thousands of visitors each year.

Sail through Thailand’s islands; Northern Thailand, Phuket - Phuket – Star Clipper, 7 nights, 2nd November 2019 £1,530pp price includes all meals on board and port charges. 0808 231 4798 or visit 

Be at the birthplace of the Olympic Games
The next Olympics takes place in 2020, the first was in 776BC to honour the ancient Greek god Zeus. Olympia on Greece’s Peloponnese peninsula is the birthplace of the ancient games, originally a festival, celebration and series of athletic competitions. Today it is one of the most revered and important archaeological sites in Greece. Its extensive ruins include a stadium, athletic training areas, temples dedicated to Zeus and his sister-wife Hera while exhibits and finds from the site can be found in the Archaelogical Museum of Olympia. Sailing was not introduced as an Olympic sport until the first modern day games in 1896, but today Star Clippers’ guests can combine the thrill of sail with a port call into the Peloppenese and an optional visit to take in the history of the Olympiads.

Enjoy the sacred stones of the first Olympics on a sailing through the Northern Cyclades, Athens - Athens – Star Flyer, 7 nights, 13th June 2020 £1,690pp price includes all meals on board and port charges. 0808 231 4798 or visit


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Notes to editors:

Star Clippers operates three of the world’s largest and tallest fully-crewed sailing vessels, with a new ship currently under construction. The ships can drop anchor in smaller harbours and visit ports often untouched by larger cruise ships and providing guests with the amenities and atmosphere of a private yacht.

High standards of service are provided by an attentive crew and all three ships have expansive teak decks, swimming pools, informal dining, a convivial Tropical Bar on deck and a comfortable piano bar and are large enough to offer first class accommodation and dining.

The two smaller ships, Star Flyer and Star Clipper, take 170 guests each, with a crew of 70, while Royal Clipper carries 227 with a crew of 106.


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