Sailing with Star Clippers is a unique experience!

Explore new horizons, push your boundaries & enjoy a range of nautical activities! Make the most of our complimentary water sports program and learn a wide variety of nautical activities, supervised by our officers & crew.

Water sports for all tastes!

On beach stops our sports team can offer you: kayaks, paddle boards and dinghies as well as water skiing and windsurfing. Enjoy your favourite water sports during the cruise or take the opportunity to try something new.


Close your eyes and imagine you are soaking up the sun on a white sandy beach in the Caribbean; crystal clear waters invite you to explore the underwater world of coral reefs and colourful tropical fish. Star Clippers hands out snorkeling equipment to all passengers upon arrival on board, so all you have to do is dive in and explore.

Sailor for a day!

Life on the ocean is one big adventure! Discover the sailing techniques used by our marine experts. Our crew will help you to hoist the sails, climb the mast, and tie marine knots. You will learn the names of the different sails and how to use a sextant. When evening comes and the velvety darkness is punctuated by stars, our officers will show you how to navigate at night with the help of the stars.

Exclusive Sailing Destinations

Star Clippers takes you to the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean, the Mediterranean and Southeast Asia, far from all the crowds and congested harbours.

Our tenders or zodiac service allow you to go ashore in comfort and disembark either in port or directly on the beach, so you are free to set off and explore each destination. On Royal Clipper, a specially designed marine platform can be lowered to sea level, so you can enjoy water sports directly from the ship!