Our inspired chefs make dining aboard a delightful culinary adventure

with an international menu of foods from the corners of the Earth.

When you rise,

help yourself to a continental breakfast with Parisian croissants or sweet Danish pastries. Or savour a full breakfast with fresh tropical fruit and crisp bacon, grilled sausage and omelettes cooked to order in the dining room.

At lunch,

a marvellous buffet of seafood, salads and grilled favourites awaits your pleasure. If the day includes a stop at one of the paradisical islands we frequent, you might also be treated to a succulent outdoor barbecue on shore.

When evening comes,

our elegantly appointed dining room becomes the setting for the chef’s finest culinary presentations, designed to please the eye and the palate, complemented by a selection of equally fine wines.

You’ll find our service to be friendly and gracious,

befitting a tasteful restaurant. Of course, we would not presume to dictate your seating preferences. On all three ships, you are free to dine when and with whomever you wish - including with our officers, who join our guests in the dining room most nights. The dress code? No need for formal gowns and black tie, casual elegance is the order of the day and every single night.