The Informal Elegance of Star Clippers.


Life On Board A Star Clippers Cruise

Up on deck, a couple watches the sun drop slowly into the sea as gulls circle one last time in the sky. Newly formed friends stand in the Piano Bar; deep in conversation and occasionally breaking into song when the chance presents itself.

In the Tropical Bar, a delicious cocktail is being prepared for an awaiting guest as they imagine tasting its cooling properties whilst the barman shakes together the contents. Other guests sit in the library, engrossed in their new favourite book, whilst many more are laughing and joking at the pool side. Could there be anything more relaxing than this?

Smiling Star Clippers Crew Members

It’s clear to see that this is a cruise ship like no other. On a Star Clippers cruise you are not restricted to enforced schedules, nor are you expected to follow anyone’s lead but your own. Your days, evenings and nights are yours to spend however you wish and nobody will tell you otherwise.

Upon docking at certain ports, local performers may be brought on board for your entertainment. This presents the perfect opportunity for you to immerse yourself in different cultures and enjoy an authentic taste of the arts and music from various different countries.

Get to know your fellow shipmates, who are likely to share the same passion for sailing as you do, whilst music from tropical lands fills your eardrums courtesy of the live band playing in the background.

The captain’s daily briefings should not be missed as they offer both intriguing stories and interesting information; while the ability of the crew to conjure up light-hearted fun makes your time with Star Clippers all the more enjoyable. The Knot tying and navigation classes that also take place give us a chance to show you what we have gleaned from many years of Star Clippers’ sailing heritage.

In fact, we have it on good authority from our passengers that it is the easy-going informality of a Star Clippers cruise that makes their time spent with us such a memorable and pleasurable experience.

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