A Day in the life of a Star Clippers Cruise Director

6th May 2015

Being the Cruise Director on board a Star Clippers ship is unlike working with any other major cruise line. Everything revolves around the wind-sailing experience and, although there are many popular amenities on board such as a bar, sun-deck, pool, lounge and restaurant - much effort has been put into ensuring all three ships maintain their charm and heritage.

Anna Alice Langstrom is the Cruise Director on board the Royal Clipper, and is originally from Switzerland. She currently lives in the Black Forest in Germany.

How do you combat homesickness or seasickness?

"I don’t feel homesick as I am always too busy! But I do try to phone home as often as I can- technology such as Skype is really great for that."

How do you stay so slim and resist the food on board?

"You have to be strict - I can look at food and put on weight! I walk up and down the stairs countless times every day on the ship, so this definitely helps."

What is the strangest question you have had from a guest?

"How many times has this ship sank? (Never of course!) What time is the 10am excursion?

Have you ever sailed with celebrities/royals or any other interesting people?

"Queen of Sweden, and Roger Moore- who was totally normal and lovely!"

How do you find peace and quiet on the ship, away from colleagues and passengers?

"If I need a quick refresh, I will find a quiet place on the deck, watching the sails in the wind. The ship has so much spirit that it is easy to find."

If you could take Star Clippers anywhere in the world, where would you sail to?

"South Africa or the Galapagos Islands"

What inspired you to start working on tall ships?

I was a guest on Star Flyer when I was just 9 years old, and it is then that I decided I wanted to work on board. I just think they are the most beautiful ships

When did you start working on board Star Clippers ships?

"In 2008 - I joined Royal Clipper in Rome."

What would you say makes Star Clippers so unique?

"With Star Clippers, the ship is the venue. You don’t come here for the entertainment, you come for the experience. It is a very emotional place to be."

What are the most challenging aspects of an average day on board?

"No cruise is the same as the other. Different conditions can occur but you still have to give 100% every day."

What is the most rewarding aspect of working on a tall ship?

"Meeting great friends- both colleagues and guests. The ships are so intense and small that you get to know people really fast. It’s great to see guests walking down the gangway at the end of their cruise with a smile on their face."

"I love the ships also because I live a lifestyle from the 1940s (no TV at home, and a vintage style of dressing) so the nostalgia on board suits me."

Do you have an particularly fond sailing memories?

"Sailing into Kotor, Montenegro. I also love the Transatlantic Crossings as I see it as a detox, and more time to get to know the guests on board."

What is your favourite destination to sail into?

"Kotor, Iles Des Saintes, Tobago Cays, Venice and Croatia (I have many!)"

How does a sailing experience on board a tall ship differ to larger cruise-liners?

"It literally is all about the sailing and the ship. You need less entertainment because the focus is on what is around you."

What would you say to anyone who may have doubts about sailing on a tall ship?

"There should be no doubts. I have never met a guest who had a serious concern about sailing on board a tall ship. It is a wonderful experience."

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