General Information

Charge Account

Upon embarkation, an account is automatically opened for your convenience so that you can charge all shipboard expenses. In order to make your trip as trouble-free as possible, the purser can take an imprint of your credit card upon embarkation and all shipboard expenses can be charged to your card automatically. American Express, MasterCard and Visa are all accepted onboard. However you choose to handle your account, it is payable at the end of the cruise by credit card or cash.

Daily Program

The Daily Program lists the next day’s activities and is delivered to your cabin every evening.

Dining Room

Located on the Clipper deck of the Star Clipper and Star Flyer, and on the Commodore deck of the Royal Clipper: The dining room serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner on an open-seating basis. No reservations are required. The Maitre d’ is always ready to assist you with any special arrangements you may request.

Meal times are printed in the Daily Program which is delivered to your cabin and may vary due to the days’ activities.

Menus vary daily, and nut free dishes and healthy-eating dishes are available on request. Click to see some sample menus... pdfSample A | pdfSample B


Each cabin is equipped with 110-volt, 60 cycle outlets that do not require the use of special adapters or converters. Please Note: Cabins aboard Royal Clipper have 220-volt outlets and may require converters.

Fire Safety

While the ship was constructed with modern materials, that are either fire-retardant or flame-proof, fire remains a risk aboard any vessel. Please observe some simple safety rules:

  • Do not smoke inside your cabin
  • Do not throw cigarette butts overboard
  • Do not light candles, oil lights or similar devices in your cabin


Gratuities on board the ship are not included in the cruise fare and are at the discretion of each individual passenger based on the level of service performed. However, because we are often asked by our guests for advice regarding gratuities, we have provided you with the following guidelines:

  • €8 per person per night on-board.
  • Individual Staff – there may be occasions when a member of the Star Clippers staff provides additional or extraordinary services. Please reward these individuals as you deem appropriate.
  • Bartenders and Staff – for your convenience, a 12.5 % service charge is added to your bill when ordering drinks.

Itinerary Variations

During the course of the program, Star Clippers in conjunction with Fred. Olsen as agents in the UK, constantly strive to improve all itinerary features for your convenience and enjoyment. If improvements can be made or unforeseen conditions beyond our control deem necessary, we reserve the right to vary itineraries accordingly. This policy applies to both land tours and cruises. During local or national holidays abroad, access to certain facilities, such as museums, or archaeological sites may be limited. In such instance, slight adjustments will be made to minimise inconvenience to guests.

Laundry and Dry-Cleaning Service

Laundry services are available onboard for a nominal charge. Dry-cleaning is available only on Royal Clipper, for a nominal charge.


The library, located on the Main Deck, aft, is a comfortable getaway for such quieter pleasures as a game of bridge, backgammon or chess. It also carries a wide assortment of reference books, in addition to featuring “coffee-table” books and novels.

Lifeboat Drills

International Maritime Law requires a lifeboat drill to take place at the beginning of each cruise. All guests must attend this compulsory and important exercise. During the drill, all ship’s services will be suspended.

Your assigned lifeboat station, the location of life jackets and the signal for lifeboat and fire drills are clearly explained on the emergency card posted on your cabin’s door. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the safety instructions it contains. When the alarm is sounded, put on your life jacket according to the instructions given over the public address system. An officer will direct you to your boat station, answer any questions you might have and check that your jacket is properly secured.

Your close attention during this drill is of paramount importance for your safety.

Lost & Found

On the last night of your cruise, we suggest you do a full review of your belongings. Check in the safe, under your bed, in the closet and drawers to ensure everything has been packed. Star Clippers cannot be held responsible for items left onboard.

Medical Services

A Registered Nurse is either on staff or is available from shore. In addition, the ship’s officers are qualified in administering first aid. Should a passenger require hospital treatment, the ship is almost always near a medical facility on shore. Passengers requiring prescription medicine are advised to bring them onboard. Only over-the-counter medications are available at the Sloop Shop.

Safety Rules

It is essential that you take certain precautions while onboard. Here are some basic rules:

  • Use appropriate ashtrays for cigarette butt ends and used matches. Do not throw cigarettes or cigars over the side of the ship; if blown back onto the ship, they may cause a fire. Never smoke in your cabin.
  • Walk, never run, and be especially careful on wet or slippery decks.
  • Ladies are advised to wear low-heeled shoes, especially on deck.
  • Children must not be allowed to run or play unattended on deck, in corridors, on stairways, or near the swimming pool

In the event of rough weather:

  • Do not stroll about the ship unnecessarily
  • Hold on to hand rails in passageways and stairways
  • Doors should be latched during heavy seas. Use the handles and never hold onto a door by its frame as the ship’s movement may cause it to close on your hand.
  • If there is unsecured baggage in your cabin, call your steward for assistance
  • Secure items in your bathroom and on your bureau


Our ships are stabilised by a system of anti-roll tanks and bilge keels to minimise the ship’s motion and any discomfort that may be associated with it.

Swimming Pools

There are 2 swimming pools located on the Sun deck aboard the Star Clipper and Star Flyer; 3 swimming pools aboard the Royal Clipper. They are filled with sea water when weather conditions permit. Bar service is available.


An actual safe is provided in your cabin for storing valuables during the cruise.

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Reservations Centre

UK and Eire passengers please contact Fred. Olsen Travel, the General Sales Agent for Star Clippers or any ABTA Travel Agent.

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