Hidden Paradises of South-East Asia

27th April 2018

South-east Asia is the newest region to be added to the list of destinations offered by the tall ships of the Star Clippers fleet. The Star Clippers vessels are much smaller than conventional cruise ships and offer a traditional way in which to explore regions including the Mediterranean and the Caribbean. Their smaller size also enables them to take passengers to smaller destinations including untouched paradise islands and hidden coves – adding a real sense of adventure to every sailing with Star Clippers.

This is no different within South-East Asia, with itineraries combining visits to popular destinations including the Indonesian island of Bali and Singapore, along with calls into some of the most blissful ports you could ever imagine. This week, we take a look at three destinations that you are unlikely to have heard of before but that are more than likely to leave a lasting impression.

Satonda Island | Indonesia

Satonda Island

Formed millions of years ago following a volcanic eruption which took place 1,000 metres beneath the seabed, Satonda Island is covered in lush green vegetation and surrounded by white-sand beaches. The volcano that once erupted is now extinct and has subsequently been flooded by the surrounding waters. As a result, you will find many isolated lakes – some of which are regarded as sacred by the locals, with the ability to grant wishes.

Many pilgrims from across Indonesia travel to Satonda Island in the hope of being able to make a wish and, as a result, you will see many items tied to the trees including coral and rocks. Speaking of coral, the surrounding waters of the island were collectively designated as a Marine Nature Park in 1999 and you can admire this vibrant coral ecosystem for yourself during your visit.

Gili Kondo | Lombok | Indonesia

Gili Kondo is one of 33 islands situated in the Eastern Lombok island region. The word ‘Gili’ offers an insight into the size of the island, which means “small island” is the local Sasak language. This uninhabited spec of lank combines lush green landscapes with beautiful powder-sand beaches to create a tranquil setting unlike anything you will have experienced before.

Best of all, due to lack of accessibility to the island, you will almost have it entirely to yourself. Imagine relaxing on the beach and soaking up the sun with no distractions whatsoever. Venture into the calm turquoise waters directly from the beach and you will be able to enjoy a spot or snorkelling, enabling you to admire the abundance of colourful marine life.

Labuan Haji | Moyo Island | Indonesia

Moyo Island

Situated to the north of Indonesia’s West Nusa Tenggara island is Moyo Island which, in-turn, is also home to Labuan Haji. The island is home to just 1,000 permanent residents, who are spread out among six villages. As a result, much of the island is unknown and unexplored, which offers a unique sense of appeal. Additionally, much of the island occupied by a nature reserve which provides a home to a range of native species including macaques, wild cattle, wild pigs, barking deer and a variety of birdlife. In total, there are 124 species of bird on the island to be discovered, including the rare yellow-headed parrot.

Much like the other two mentioned islands, you can relax on one of the many powder-sand beaches or venture into the forested areas. A journey into the lush green vegetation opens up an opportunity to admire the beautiful Brang Rea Waterfall. Alternatively, a venture into the sea, which is protected from fishing and pollution, offers a unique opportunity to admire untouched marine life.

Throughout 2018, Star Clipper will operate roundtrip sailings out of Bali. There will be a mixture of seven-night, ten-night, and 11-night itineraries throughout the spring, summer, autumn and winter seasons. In addition to these departures, there will also be a series of Thailand departures, which northern and southern itineraries around the island of Phuket.

For more information or to make a booking, contact our friendly sales team via the freephone number above or chat to a Star Clippers advisor online.

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