Get Into Yoga with a Star Clippers Cruise

21st January 2015

Star-Clipper | Yoga-Theme | Mediterranean | Baltic

You may or may not have tried yoga in the past; whether it is as a hobby, personal interest or New Year’s resolution. Unfortunately, many people don’t choose to keep it up and it remains a short term experience worth trying once. The sweaty studios filled with over-enthusiastic gym instructors don’t exactly set the perfect scene for something that is supposed to be fun and rewarding. Luckily, Star Clippers have found a way for cruisers to enjoy yoga and you may even learn a few techniques for meditation which you can try at home.

Picture the scene; you’re sitting on the top deck of Star Clippers cruise ship, there’s a light but warm breeze in the air, the sails are out and in action and the sun is just going down in the distance. If you are looking for the perfect setting to meditate and release any stress and tension you have come to the right place.

A qualified yoga teacher awaits on the top deck; an audacious move takes you from the comfort of your cabin or the lounge to the top deck and into the Mediterranean light. It’s time to try Ashtanga Yoga – otherwise known as “power yoga”. This form of yoga, which is promoted as a modern-day form of classical Indian yoga, features an array of breathing and movement techniques guaranteed to revitalise your mind, body and soul.

Ashtanga Yoga is outlined by eight aspects which include; moral codes, self-purification, posture; control over breathing, withdrawing from your senses, concentration, deep meditation and understanding the part of the body undergoing meditation. Understanding these eight principles will help you to relax on a cruise and forget about the aspects of a real life in a way never imagined before, whilst inhaling the fresh sea air.

If you decide to maintain regular yoga practices after your cruise there are an extensive number of benefits, but a few of the obvious benefits include better flexibility, muscle strength and posture. Additionally it will also make you feel happier, create a basis for a healthier lifestyle, lower your blood pressure and improve sleep.

You can wake up feeling refreshed every day before climbing to the top deck for your daily dosage and soaking up the sun, sea, surroundings and the wind - which will glide your ship to its next destination. Star Clippers operate a number of yoga-themed cruises in a variety of different locations including the Baltic and Mediterranean Seas. If you love sailing and want to understand true peace and tranquillity whilst exploring new lands – a Star Clippers yoga cruise is perfect for you.

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