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28th January 2015

Venice Simplon-Orient-Express

Star Clippers, in collaboration with Kirker Concierge, are providing a range of exciting travel itineraries for 2015; each boasting exciting, once in a lifetime experiences. Kirker concierge services allow you to book additional elements to your holiday including ballet tickets, dinner reservations and tickets to events and venues. Additionally, they provide another dimension to your cruise with Star Clippers in the form of luxury hotels and transport. We take a closer look at the Orient Express, Venice & Dalmatian Coast Cruise package – which allows you to start your holiday in the heart of London, travelling to Venice on the Orient Express.

Stepping on board the Orient Express is like stepping back into the 1920’s; it’s elegant, luxurious and historical design will intrigue you into a world of comfortability like no other. Since being inaugurated by Belgian entrepreneur Georges Nagelmackers in 1883, the train service has transported people from Western Europe to more easterly locations such as Bucharest and Istanbul. Today the service consists of many trains, which were constructed in the 1920’s, 1930’s and 1950’s and have maintained their classical features to this day.

What can you expect from the most famous train service in the world? And where will the route take you? We take a deeper look at the Orient Express element of this wonderful cruise itinerary with Star Clippers and Kirker Concierge.

Witness the Beauty

Orient Express View

An overnight journey on the Orient Express will take you through the beauty of Paris on your journey towards Venice. Zoom past the envious London-based commuters before traversing the channel. As you emerge, you will be greeted by the countryside beauty that France has to offer, before transferring from the Belmond British Pullman train and on to the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express. After a delicious meal in the dinner car, you will return to find that your cabin has been transformed into a cosy bedroom, where you can rest amidst the beautiful European countryside.

After a good nights sleep, you will awake to the stunning mountain scenery that Liechtenstein and northern Italy have to offer. Your train will snake its way through the snowy peaks of Austria, along the Arlberg Pass, which hugs the mountainside. Passing through Brenner Pass you can admire the green scenery which features many church steeples, fortresses and vineyards. Breakfast is served in your room at a time to suit you and you can relax the day away, or spend time in the Bar Car conversing with other passenger on board. Once you see the glistening waters filled with gondolas in the late afternoon you know you have arrived in Venice – a perfect destination to round off a perfect rail journey.

Experience the Elegance

Orient Express Cabin

Step back in time and witness the very finest luxury that rail had to offer in the 1920’s. The quality of the décor on board is second to none, with artistic decoration, glass panels and arm chairs that you can sink into. Whilst the train is luxurious it has maintained tradition and provides an authentic style of travel. Wooden designs fill the train and the rooms are truly phantasmagorical, changing from a comfortable pair of arm chairs into two unbelievably comfortable beds whilst you are enjoying dinner.

The rooms come with a basin on board and even the bathrooms at the end of each carriage are wonderfully designed. After dinner take a stroll to the bar car – which is the social hub of the train. Here you will be able to converse and mingle with fellow passengers and there is also a highly skilled pianist. The Venice Simplon-Orient-Express features three restaurant cars; each boasting unique décor.

Indulge in Delectable Cuisine

Orient Express Food Cuisine

The fine settings and wonderful décor provide a perfect backdrop, but it is finest class of service and wonderful cuisine that makes the Orient Express what it is today. Exceptional European cuisine is provided throughout the train and served in one of the three dinner carts.

The food is of Michelin-starred standard and is served with silverware, crystal glass and starched napery, whilst breakfast is served in the cabins. It is also worth noting that all of the food is remarkably prepared in a tiny galley kitchen on board the train. Dishes include the finest cuts of meat, freshest fruit and vegetables and sumptuous seafood – all of the highest quality and displayed with intricate design on the plate. You will not be left disappointed.

Remarkably, the Orient Express covers just one night of the 14 night Orient Express, Venice & the Dalmatian Coast holiday package with Star Clippers and Kirker Concierge. You will leave the train wondering how the rest of the holiday could possibly top a journey on board the most famous train service in the world.

After one night on the Orient Express, you will spend two nights in the romantic city of Venice - staying at the 4-Star Liassidi Palace Hotel. You will then embark on a ten night cruise around the Dalmatian Coast on board Star Clipper, visiting locations such as: Hvar and Dubrovnik in Croatia, Kotor in Montenegro, Corfu and Katakolon, Greece (for the ancient city of Olympia), before spending two nights in Athens staying at the St. George Lycabettus Hotel.

Star Clippers, in collaboration with Kirker, provide a range of wonderful and exciting holiday packages to suit all tastes, desires and ambitions. 2015 marks the introduction of a range of new itineraries including ventures to the Monaco Grand Prix and witnessing the magnificent opera at the Verona Arena.

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