Caribbean Cruise on the Royal Clipper

24th March 2015

Day Five - Tobago Cays

Tobago Cays

When you picture paradise you picture white sand, blue skies and water so clear you can see the ripples of sand underneath. Until today I thought this only existed on postcards and computer backgrounds, that was until Royal Clipper anchored off the coast of Tobago Cays.

We arrived early in the morning so we were able to take advantage of a full day ashore. When in paradise it would be rude not to wouldn't it? The tender service ran smooth crossings as it snaked in and out of yachts dotted near the coastline, before landing on the beach to deliver us to the island. The locals had displayed a collection of tshirts and dresses decorated with tropical flowers, a perfect background accompaniment to a man sitting playing his guitar and singing reggae music. I settled myself between two palm trees, feeling as though I had discovered the most beautiful place in the world.

The watersports on board are all complimentary, and this includes the use of a snorkel and mask for the duration of the cruise. I took full advantage of this and went for a swim in the crystal clear water. After a few minutes of swimming around and seeing small fish scattered amongst the coral, I noticed a larger round shape on the seabed. As it ascended towards the surface I realised it was a turtle! With a shell the size of a small table it's difficult to miss and I soon saw two others around. Assuming they were a happy family, and after a good swim around them, I made my way back to the shore where the beach BBQ was being served.

Tobago Cays

Tobago Cays

Crew had come off the ship to serve a delicious lunch to the guests. This included ribs, burgers, hot dogs, fish and a full salad station. The effort that went into it was phenomenal and a very special touch to what was already an idyllic day. Accompanied by some music and a glass of rum punch, I wondered if life could really get any better! My question was answered when I noticed two stingrays swimming freely near the shoreline. The clarity of the water and the shadow from the beautiful creature made a perfect accompaniment to Royal Clipper in the background.

The ship was due to sail later in the afternoon, so after a quick freshen up I was on the deck to witness the sails being pulled up once more. Children and adults alike can all assist with this, a great addition to an already unique sailing adventure. You can get as involved as you like- if you don't want to lift a finger you can sit back and watch the magic happen around you.

Our evening entertainment tonight was followed by a disco, hosted by Gabor, the Royal Clipper's in-house entertainer. Soon the dancefloor was filled with people dancing the night away as we made our short transition towards St Vincent, Grenadines.

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