Caribbean Cruise on the Royal Clipper

23rd March 2015

Day Four - St George's, Grenada

Royal Clipper graced us with an beautifully calm night last night, so feeling very refreshed I made my way to the atrium for breakfast before a sunbathe on the open deck.

The atrium on board is situated midship- it features two staircases that cascade down 3 decks, from the Piano Bar to the restaurant. Peering over from the top and seeing the rich mahogany finishings, complimented by nautical touches and deep colours, reminds me every day that I am on a true sailing vessel. Royal Clipper behaves in most ways like a ship that sailed the seven seas a century ago, however the difference is that you can watch it all go on around you. You are not obliged to get 'stuck in' to the mechanics going on around you.

One feature of a true sailing experience offered on board is climbing the Crow's Nest. On a morning such as today, where we are at sea until midday, guests can safely put their harness on and be guided up the mast by the watersports team. Imagine the view from the top as we sail into Grenada's St George's port, with the beautiful Grand Anse beach glowing from afar.

Sails down and ready for a trip ashore, half of the group make their way to their hiking trip to a waterfall. On board there is a variety of excursions available- a great opportunity to venture further afield in a more unfamiliar destination. The rest of us took a taxi tour of the island before visiting a local hotel. Grenada, or the 'Spice Island', is very proud of its heritage and this is clear in the patriotism that the locals emit. As we left the port, locals lined the streets to do their morning shop, head to classes and have breakfast in the local cafes with friends. There is a buzz to the island, as if everyone is doing something and enjoying being there.

We weren't due to sail away until midnight tonight, so we met for dinner at a slightly later time as tours returned to the ship later. The beauty of dining on board any Star Clippers ship is that you can turn up any time between 7:30-10pm and the relaxed, informal atmosphere is always welcoming.

Sail-away was a quiet one tonight, as it was so late, there were only a handful of us there to witness the spectacle. I found myself reclined on a sunbed, watching the stars as the sails billowed around me. Once the music stopped, the lights were turned off which seemed to make the stars shine brighter. Absolute stillness surrounded us. A beautiful moment to witness and the most peaceful experience I have had in a while. Feeling sleepy, I made my way to bed where I slept soundly, ready for the next adventure in the morning- Tobago Cays.

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