Cannes Film Festival with Star Clippers

11th February 2015

Red Carpet

If you're a keen follower of film festivals and the world of cinematography, you'll know that the Berlin Film Festival has been under way this week. What better a time to start getting excited for the upcoming Cannes Film Festival which takes place between 13-24 May 2015.

Star Clippers can provide a range of cruises sailing around the many pockets of the Mediterranean. If you want to add an element of glitz and glam to your travels, look no further than the Western Mediterranean and Grand Prix cruise itinerary, which coincides with this international film bonanza.


The Cannes Film Festival is thought to have begun in the late 1930’s. The French Minister of National Education at the time proposed an international cinematographic festival and, with the support of the British and Americans, was able to achieve his dream. The festival’s international reputation grew very quickly, with 16 countries’ films represented before 1950 and one judge featuring from each country for equality purposes.

In 1955, the Palme d’Or was introduced, replacing the Grand Prix du Festival which was given out until that year. In 1959, the Marché du Film was founded, bringing a commercial influence to the proceedings, and a providing a platform for exchanges to commence between sellers and buyers in the industry.

The venue for the festival has changed many times over the years, with the latest expansive redevelopment completed in 2005. Directors and film makers from all around the globe visit this prestigious event today. Cannes provides a unique insight into any particular nation’s vision of cinema and there is a very artistic atmosphere. A series of different jurisdiction groups, comprised of members of many professions, come together to decide the: best feature; best short films; and best film overall.

What to Expect in 2015


Between 13th – 24th May, the 68th Festival de Cannes will commence. Some of the world’s finest directors and actors will take to the red carpet for this movie extravaganza. Whilst the main screenings are purely badge and invitation only, members of the public are welcome to the Cinéma de la Plage (Cinema on the Beach). This element allows visitors to view open air screenings of films out of competition and classics from previous festivals.

Participants have soared to well over 10,000 in recent years and the number of countries represented currently stands at over 100. This really is the international hub for film and you can expect to see directors from as far as Argentina.

Cannes is a beautiful city and cruises during the film festival will allow you to see this wonderful French Riviera destination in full swing. Cannes offers a wonderful glistening beach, many designer outlets and luxury restaurants.


Sail with Star Clippers for a wind sailing experience you will never forget. The Western Mediterranean and Grand Prix cruise itinerary will embark from Cannes on May 23rd but, should you wish to spend an extra night or two in the city beforehand, this can be arranged.

After embarking from Cannes, you will sail the short distance to Monte Carlo, Monaco, to witness the amazing Grand Prix final race. After witnessing this exhilarating spectacle; you will sail around Corsica, visiting at a number of golden beach destinations. You'll also sail to locations along the French coast which include Sanary-sur-Mer and St Tropez.

Whether you decide to sail around the Mediterranean or the tranquil Caribbean; one thing is synonymous with Star Clippers and that is the unbelievable wind sailing experience guaranteed on board. The five-mast Royal Clipper and the three-mast Star Clipper and Star Flyer ships will take you on a mesmerising journey across the seas.

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