7 reasons why Costa Rica is one of the most eco-friendly places on earth

10th January 2022

Costa Rica is a Central American country renowned for its beaches, volcanoes and biodiversity. Boasting a rich, luscious environment where flora and fauna thrive, the country leads the way in ensuring their landscape remains unscathed and unchanged for future generations of travellers. With diverse ecosystems and a slower pace of life than the one we are accustomed to, the local attitude towards sustainability in today’s threatened world is enticing more people to visit than ever.

As Star Clipper prepares for her hotly anticipated return to this eco-friendly paradise in winter 2022, we’ve compiled our top reasons why visiting Costa Rica and learning how their actions support sustainability is a modern-day must-do.

1. Global trailblazers in biodiversity

Costa Rica hosts almost 6% of the world’s biodiversity, despite making up only 0.03% of the earth’s surface. The intricate web that is biodiversity - the variety and variability of life on earth – is hugely important in ensuring the balance and maintenance of life in all forms.

2. Renewable energy front-runners

Costa Rica generates 99% of its electricity using renewable energy. Hydro-power, wind-power, geothermal sources and solar panels make up the overwhelming majority, with just 1% coming from back-up power plants.

3. It’s a Pure Life.

Translating literally into ‘pure life’, the Costa Rican slogan ‘Pura Vida’ simply encompasses what life for the locals really is all about. Their positive and productive outlook is plain to see, with ‘Pura Vida’ denoting a simple, stress-free and relaxed life. They use the phrase to say hello, goodbye or just simply to make you feel welcome. It’s no wonder it was named the happiest country in the world by National Geographic.

4. Fruitful forest coverage

Forest cover in Costa Rica stands at 51% after painstaking work by local authorities and organizations to reverse decades of deforestation. They have doubled the land coverage in just 30 years. In 2021, this success and proactive approach towards continued collective action was recognized by the Duke of Cambridge when the country was awarded £1million for their efforts as part of the Earthshot Prize campaign, co-founded by Sir David Attenborough.

5. Protection of parks

Over a quarter of the country’s land is protected parks, reserves and wildlife refuges, with one half of these given national park status. The network of these reserves provides some protection from natural disasters, such as volcanic eruptions and forest fires, as well as protection from human incursion.

6. National Decarbonization Plan has lift off

The ambitious plan to become entirely emission free was launched in 2019 and aims to achieve net zero emissions by 2050. The plan will lay the foundations for a sustainable future for many years to come and details how the country can work together to achieve this. Whilst it won’t come without challenges, their practical and hands-on approach to a global problem is one to be admired.

7. Tax breaks for bikers

As a part of the longer-term picture for a carbon-neutral country, the government granted new legislation which grants companies tax breaks if they build bicycle racks and buy bicycles for their employees. As a part of this movement, bike lanes will be incorporated into new roads and campaigns to spread information on bicycle safety on the roads will be heavily focused on.

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