5 Reasons to try Cruising on Smaller Ships

9th March 2022

Good things come in small packages, preferably draped in billowing canvas sails and deep mahogany finishings. We are not all magpies seeking the largest, shiniest coin - instead we’re eyeing up simplicity, experience and the freedom of an eagle in flight. If curiosity is getting the better of you, let us guide you with our top 5 reasons to cruise on smaller ships:

1. It’s better for the environment

Not surprisingly, smaller ships emit fewer harmful fumes. With eco-conscious measures in the forefront of all of our minds, this is a hugely important factor to consider when booking a cruise.

Star Clippers powers their ships with wind energy as their primary source, and with pro-active measures in place to reduce waste and source locally sustainable produce, they are on the right track to maintaining and evolving their greener travel measures. Certain destinations - the Caribbean, in particular - can guarantee sailing under wind-generated power for around 70% of the duration of the sailing.

2. You can reach smaller ports of call

On a smaller ship, it is not unusual to find yourself absent of neighbours of the vessel variety for the entire duration of your cruise. Certain ports of call do not have the capacity to accept larger ships, therefore guests on smaller ships often find themselves fully immersed in a hidden and undiscovered destination. For example, let Star Clippers take you to St Lucia’s lesser-known but idyllic Marigot Bay or Rodney Bay on their 166-capacity clipper ship, Star Flyer. Come home with tales of uncharted charm and lesser-known treasures from an inimitable tall-ship adventure.

3. Come and go as you please

It is so much easier on a small ship to quickly pop back to your cabin if you have forgotten something, or fancy lunchtime on board before setting out exploring again. The highly-desirable freedom and opportunities that this brings only adds further to the appeal of sailing on a smaller vessel.

With the added independence this brings, it is easy to create more memories than you could have ever imagined. In certain destinations, it has been known for guests to disembark in the morning, then make their own way to the other side of the island to meet the ship again for their afternoon port of call.

4. Personalised service

On a smaller ship, the guest to crew ratio is highly favourable and ultimately gives passengers an extremely attentive and personalised experience. Get to know the deckhands and officers who always have time for a chat, and make new friends for life around the Tropical Bar - the lively ‘hub’ of the ship.

Returning guests will often be pleasantly surprised that the bar staff remembers their favourite tipple, the Maître D knows the exact way they like their steak and the on-board entertainers remember the song guaranteed to get them up on the dancefloor.

5. More space on board

A smaller ship doesn’t mean less space. In fact, a Star Clippers ship offers a highly favourable guest to space ratio; where volume of guests isn’t priority, comfort and space precedes. Enjoy impactful yet low-key experiences without feeling cramped and outnumbered - join fellow sailors on the open and spacious sundeck for a simple, but enchanting, sailaway as the dulcet tones of Vangelis serenades you under a twinkling blanket of stars.

Of course with a smaller sized ship there are minor sacrifices to be made. In general, whilst comfortable and light, the cabins aren’t ‘suite-size’ like you’d find on a larger vessel. However, we’d argue that we’re not on a cruise to spend all day in the cabin; we’d take star-gazing on the open deck as the ship glides silently through the water any day…

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