22 things to do on board a Star Clippers ship in 2022

3rd February 2022

We’ve started the New Year with optimism and excitement, so there’s no better way to to mark it than by highlighting the top things to do on a Star Clippers ship in 2022.

Rest, relaxation and recuperation are all to be expected on a Star Clippers sailing, but what else can be anticipated on a luxury tall-ship getaway? Take a look at our top 22 highlights below:

1. Experience the iconic sailaway
The gentle breeze tousling your hair as the sails billow up around you; there is no feeling like it. Whether it’s at sunset or under the twinkling stars, the indescribable magic is felt by everyone.

2. Listen to talks from the Captain
Hear from the Master of the ship himself as he recalls stories and tales from his sailing career as well as providing information about the sailing.

3. Watch the sun rise from the teak decks
Start the day the best way by witnessing a majestic sunrise peep above the horizon as a new day begins.

4. Devour a scrumptious beach BBQ
Enjoy a mouth-watering lunch on a beautiful beach as the chefs bring their catering skills ashore.

5. Relax in the bowsprit net
A must-do on a tall ship and a perfect front-row seat. You might even be lucky enough to witness a pod of dolphins break the surface of the water.

6. Take part in complimentary water sports
Kayaking, water-skiing and windsurfing are just a few options available either from Royal Clipper’s Marina Platform, or the beautiful beaches the ships call into.

7. Watch the stars on the top deck
Forget the worries of the world as you gaze at the crisp, night sky whilst the ship peacefully cuts through the ocean.

8. Book an excursion
Delve deeper into the destination; explore hidden pathways and encounter new experiences otherwise unheard of and just waiting to be discovered.

9. Make new friends
Smaller ships mean you see the same, likeminded people every day, making it easier to form bonds and friendships to last a lifetime.

10. Yoga on the sun-soaked decks
Namaste. Inhale and exhale as the breeze gently ruffles the sails and the sea lightly laps around you.

11. Watch the infamous Talent Show
You’re guaranteed to laugh when the crew and guests combine to showcase their talents, from the impressive to downright ridiculous.

12. Watch the crew repair the sails on giant sewing machines
Nothing on board is hidden behind closed doors; when the sails need mending you’ll be well aware of it, and it is a talent to behold.

13. Learn to tie the knots
Get hands-on! Join the crew as they teach you their most-used knots in tall-ship sailing – you’ll return with new skills as well as amazing memories.

14. Raise a glass of champagne on Captain’s Night
To good health and smooth seas; enjoy the Gala dinner and a toast from the Captain.

15. Purchase one of our high-quality branded items from the Sloop Shop
From nautical memorabilia to branded tops, shorts and dresses - there’s something for everyone in the on-board shop.

16. Indulge in a spa treatment
Treat yourself – enjoy a treatment in Royal Clipper’s very own Captain Nemo’s spa below decks, or up in the open air on board our two smaller ships.

17. Try the Cocktail of the Day
Sip the flavour of the day as the sun soaks your skin – there are plenty of non-alcoholic options if that also tickles your fancy!

18. Watch dolphins dance around the ship
Wild dolphins putting on a show are not uncommon on a Star Clippers cruise – make sure you’ve got your camera ready.

19. Dress like a pirate on ‘Pirate Night’
A fitting theme and always guaranteed to bring the crew and guests together for an evening of fun, games and laughter.

20. Enjoy live music and late-night dancing in the Tropical Bar
Our low-key, yet lively, evening entertainment from our resident musicians is all that’s needed to add to a unique tall-ship sailing holiday.

21. Climb up to the Crow’s Nest
Get involved! Strap in for the best view in the house.

22. Take advantage of the photo opportunity
Hop onto the tender as you skim around the ship as she glides under full sail for a spectacular and unique photoshoot!

To hear more about what’s on offer on a Star Clippers sailing, and to discuss your tall ship cruise with us, call our team today on 0845 200 6145.