4 Skills You Could Learn On Your Star Clippers Cruise

3rd January 2020

Our three tall ships don’t feature elaborate crazy golf courses, surfing simulators or waterslides, but we see that as a good thing. It leaves more time and space to really appreciate being on the open ocean, build relationships with your fellow travellers and, as you’ll see below, learn a thing or two.

So, whilst we hope your Star Clippers cruise is relaxing and inspiring, it could also be educational. Here are just a few skills you could learn.

Knot Tying

Knot Tying

Do you know your Clove Hitch from your Cleat Hitch and your Figure-8 Knot from your Reef Knot? Those terms may mean nothing to you at the moment, but after an onboard knot-tying class, all will be revealed. The experienced crew will take you through some of the knots used on board the ship that were common practice throughout the grand old days of sailing. Obviously, these may also come in handy during everyday life, but you’ll be able to see how they are used effectively on the rigging and sails.



Another class that highlights the seafaring traditions that Star Clippers holds dear is navigation. Nowadays, cruise ships have state-of-the-art systems to help them get between destinations, but this was obviously not the case during the age of exploration. Learn how sailors would have used tools such as quadrants, compasses and back-staffs to aid their navigation and see how important the stars and sun were to establishing things like altitude and latitude.



Whether you have never tried yoga before and you want to give it a go or you’re a burgeoning practitioner looking to improve your knowledge, there is plenty to learn during the yoga sessions on the teak deck of our tall ships. Standard cruises offer morning yoga classes for guests to join in with, but we also have a number of yoga-themed sailings taking place every year. These offer a more in-depth look at the practice and the chance to grill experts during Q and A sessions.


Water Sports Marina

We’ve used kayaking as an example but there is actually a whole host of water sports that you can try your hand at during your Star Clippers cruise. Kayaking is a great choice as it is quite easy for beginners to get to grips with, but you could also have a go at snorkelling, diving, windsurfing, paddle boarding and more. Royal Clipper, our beautiful flagship, even boasts a marina at her aft that lowers into place to give effortless access to the water.

If you’re interested to see what you could learn on board a Star Clippers cruise, speak to our team today. Call us on 0845 200 6145 or use our online chat.

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