4 Things That Make Sailaway So Special

13th September 2019

You may be aware that Star Clippers sailaways (when the ship leaves port) are legendary. This epic event is something that everybody on board enjoys and our guests look forward to it each and every time they sail with Royal Clipper, Star Clipper or Star Flyer.

If you’ve never experienced this before, you’re in for a real treat. Here’s what makes our sailaways so special.

The Excitement

On Deck With A Drink

Picture the scene. You’ve just settled into your beautifully appointed cabin. You’ve made your way to the bar to secure your first drink of a well-deserved holiday. You head up onto the open deck to feel to anticipation for the first sailaway of the cruise. Everyone is in a great mood as they’re trip begins and there is a buzz around the ship caused by guests getting to know their new-found friends.

There’s a palpable feeling in the air, as you begin to relax and count down the moments until you weigh anchor and set sail.

The Views

Royal Clipper Slovenia

Sailaway presents one of the best opportunities to snap some pictures of your latest destination. Take your spot by the rail and you’ll be greeted by fantastic views as the ship sails off into the sunset. It’s often difficult to comprehend the scale or beauty of a destination until you see it in its entirety from the sea, and this is the perfect time to do that.


Without doubt, the most powerful aspect of a Star Clippers sailaway is the nostalgic ambience created by ‘Conquest of Paradise’ by Vangelis, which plays over the ship’s speakers. This moment will stay with you long after your cruise is over and, coupled with the fantastic views and excitable atmosphere, it can be very moving.

Hoisting The Sails

Raising The Sails

Something which sets a Star Clippers cruise apart from a trip with other cruise lines is the clear link to the historic days of sailing. There are nods all over the ships to seafaring traditions and décor, and hoisting the sails is a key part of this. The crew will unfurl the dacron to signal that your voyage is about to start and it makes for a very special sight. At certain times, you may even be able to help out with this job.

Sailaway is sure to be a highlight of your tall ship cruise with us. To learn more about what you can expect on board, call the team on 0845 200 6145 or use our online chatservice.

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