How The Star Clippers Crew Will Enhance Your Cruise

5th July 2019

There are many things that will impact your cruise: the destinations, the ship itself, the other people on board and even the weather, but one thing that you may not immediately think of is the crew.

Hard-working and dedicated to ensuring you have the best time possible, our passionate crew members are sure to enhance your experience on board one of our magnificent tall ships. Whether you interact with them on a daily basis or only speak to them in passing, their smiling faces will have a lasting effect on you.

Here are just a few ways they’ll improve your holiday.

Sharing Knowledge

Star Clippers Crew

The crew are not just available to serve you drinks and food, they will be enriching your time with a series of onboard activities and lectures too. From showing you the ropes (literally) in regards to certain sailing procedures to explaining more about the destinations you will be visiting, the staff have many different roles.

Many of our guests love the chance to get hands-on with activities like hoisting the sails and tying knots, and the crew love sharing the knowledge they have on these topics.

Getting To Know You

Crew In Tropical Bar

A smiling face and an efficient delivery of your drinks order are often enough to provide great customer service, but the Star Clippers crew love to go above and beyond to really make your holiday special. The intimate atmosphere on deck and the fact that the ships only hold between 170 and 227 passengers mean that the men and women serving you can really get to know you personally.

That could mean something as simple as remembering your favourite drinks order or something more substantial like taking the time to learn what you like to do and then recommending somewhere on shore that they know you’d love.

Showcasing Their Talents

Captain With Microphone

One night that always brings a smile to everyone’s face is the talent show. One of many great evening entertainment options, this is the chance for the crew to cut loose and show you some of their personality.

Guests are free to join in if they have a talent to share with the audience, but mostly this fun-filled event features members of staff showing off their skills (or lack thereof) in singing, dancing and more. This is definitely an evening that shouldn’t be missed.

Dedicated Room Service

Food Service

When opting for a Royal Clipper cruise, you have the chance to upgrade to one of 14 Deluxe Suites or Two Owner’s Suites. Doing this will give you access to a great range of extras, including 24/7 room service.

Take advantage of this and a friendly member of the crew will soon be at your door with a delicious meal for you to enjoy on your balcony whilst admiring the passing scenery. You’ll soon get to know them quite well and they’ll be more than happy to help you with any queries or questions you have regarding the cruise.

So, as you can see, the wonderful crew play an important role in making sure you have a fantastic time with us. To see this for yourself, call us on 0845 200 6145 or use our online chat service to book today.

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