4 Complimentary Activities On A Star Clippers Sailing

15th March 2019

As well as a fantastic range of shore excursions in each port, there are a number of activities that are offered during a Star Clippers cruise that won’t cost you anything. These enrichment pursuits are all part of the service and can often be a highlight of your holiday.

They’re not always offered whilst in port either. Some of these great extras will help keep you busy on sea days, whilst also bringing you closer to the crew and fellow cruisers. Here are four complimentary activities you can look forward to.

Water Sports

Water Sports

The destinations we sail to offer some of the most beautiful backdrops in the world. Golden beaches, historical cities and azure waters abound, but it’s the last one on that list which can often be the most exciting.

The range of water sports offered on a Star Clippers cruise gives you the chance to discover life beneath the waves or simply have some fun on top of them. From snorkelling to kayaking and windsurfing, you can choose to indulge in one of your favourite pastimes or try something new.

On board Royal Clipper, a marina platform allows direct access to the water sports equipment from the aft of the ship. You won’t miss out if you choose to sail on board the smaller vessels in the fleet (Star Flyer and Star Clipper) though, as the same sports are offered from the shore or tender boats.

The Ultimate Photo Opportunity

Royal Clipper From Tender

When our beautiful clipper ships are docked, they are often surrounded by other vessels or the perfect line of sight may be obstructed by people or landmarks. Plus, whilst they are travelling at full sail, you will obviously be on board and therefore unable to see them in all their glory.

So, how do you snap the perfect photo to remember your holiday? Well, during time at sea, the tender boats are often used to give guests a fantastic vantage point. Sailing alongside the ship, you will be able to photograph her in all her glory and without any obstacles being in the way.

Learning Sailing Techniques

Knot Tying

We recently wrote a blog post detailing all of the ways that you can live out your sailing dreams on board a Star Clippers ship and learning some new techniques from the crew is one of the best. During periods of downtime, the crew will show you how to tie relevant knots, teach you how to charter the ship’s course using traditional equipment, give you the opportunity to help hoist the sails and even allow you to take the helm under their tutelage.

These activities can be just as exciting for those who have never sailed as they are for anyone who grew up learning the ropes at sea. And if any of this sounds too much like work, it’s important to remember that it’s all voluntary. You can choose to simply relax and watch from a distance if you prefer.

Talent Contest

A talent content may not sound like the most thrilling form of entertainment, or the most modern, but it is always mentioned as a highlight by our guests. The difference here is that the majority of the entrants come from the crew, giving them a chance to let their hair down and for you to see a different side to them.

From singing and dancing to unexpected party tricks, the talent show is guaranteed to be a raucous evening that will have you laughing until you cry and clapping until your hands hurt. Guests are free to join in as well and it’s a great way to bring everybody on board closer together.

If you would like to know more about what life on board a Star Clippers ship is like, call our experienced team today. You can also chat to us directly by using our online chat.

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