Is A Star Clippers Cruise Right For Me?

18th January 2019

The number of people taking their first cruise continues to grow, helping the cruise industry to expand year after year. However, it’s hard to know if you’re going to enjoy this type of holiday if you have never done it before. You may have sailed on board a standard cruise ship but are unsure what to expect from our traditional sailing vessels. Or, maybe you’ve never even set foot on a cruise ship and are undecided as to whether a tall ship cruise is the ideal place to start your love affair with the sea.

Whilst we’re sure that everyone who decides to sail with us will love their time on board from start to finish, there are certain groups of people who will feel like they’ve found their second home.

Traditional Sailors

Ropes on deck

If you grew up learning the ropes on a sailing ship or yacht and have always enjoyed the wind in your hair, the Star Clippers experience is going to be one filled with nostalgia. The general ambiance harks back to the grand days of sailing and the crew do everything they can to make it feel like you are holidaying on a working vessel.

Wind power is used whenever possible, knot tying classes and charting the ship’s position on a map are included within the days’ activities, and there’s even the chance to take the helm under the watchful eye of an able seaman. Brave travellers can also climb to the top of the crow’s nest if they choose or simply relax in the bowsprit nets.

Photography Fans

Woman With Camera

With an abundance of open deck space and itineraries that take you to some truly magnificent ports, there will be plenty of opportunity to snap some magical photos. The types of destinations we visit are rarely overrun with tourists and so you won’t have to jostle with the crowds to get that perfect angle, and that picture you worked so hard to create won’t be ruined by throngs of other people.

There will also be plenty of photo-worthy events happening on board the ship. You’ll want to remember the time you conquered the 65-feet climb to the crow’s nest or that magical moment when dolphins danced playfully in the ship’s wake.

Romantic Couples

Romantic Couple In Bowsprit Nets

We have a wide range of guests that choose to sail with us, from young children taking their first cruise to ocean veterans marking a milestone birthday, but we also welcome a lot of romantic couples. Whatever stage you’re at in your relationship, a cruise with Star Clippers is something that you will both remember forever.

Enjoy an enchanting dinner on deck, savour a cocktail on your veranda as the sun sets and be moved by the stirring sound of Vangelis’s soundtrack to Conquest of Paradise as the ship departs from port.

Wildlife Lovers

Turtles On Beach

If you have a passion for nature and the natural world, you’ll love the way we can take you closer to beautiful wildlife. The remote destinations on our itineraries will bring you face-to-face with komodo dragons, turtles preparing to lay their eggs on a Caribbean beach and colourful shoals of fish moving sprightly beneath the waves. Check out our full range of shore excursions for an idea of the wildlife encounters you can look forward to.

Relaxed Cruisers

Relaxed Group In Conversation

Nobody wants to be told what to do, what to wear or who they can sit with whilst on holiday, and that’s why we will never do any of that. Our ships are a place to relax and feel at one with the ocean, creating the perfect atmosphere in which to quickly make friends with kindred spirits. Our restaurant is open-seating so you can choose to dine when and with whom you like and, with a casual dress code, there’s no need to dress up if you don’t want to.

The crew are a major part of this laid-back approach, ensuring they are always accommodating and on-hand to give you plenty of insight into how the ship is operated. Smiles never leave their faces, whether they are performing in the crew talent show, a much-loved tradition on board our ships, or furiously hoisting the sails to take advantage of the strengthening wind.

If you would like to learn more about our tall ship cruises to see if a Star Clippers sailing is right for you, call our team on 0845 200 6145. Alternatively, you can always talk to an advisor using our online chat facility.

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