4 Fantastic Shore Excursions To Enjoy With Star Clippers

21st December 2018

As beautiful as the Star Clippers ships are, one of the most exciting parts of any cruise is getting to step ashore and explore the wonderful destinations. As well as leisurely city tours, we have some amazing shore excursions that will help you get to know the regions we visit whilst also giving you the chance to do something that you’d rarely do on a normal holiday.

From cookery classes to museum visits and fast-paced jeep safaris, we have activities that appeal to every time of cruiser. Shore excursions change from itinerary to itinerary, so always check what’s available before you travel, but here are a few examples of what you can look forward to.

Ephesus And The Virgin Mary’s House – Kusadasi, Turkey


When you arrive on the shores of Kusadasi, there is the option to travel inland to the historically important city of Ephesus. Established by the Ancient Greeks and later ruled by the Romans, it was once home to 250,000 people but now stands as an open-air archaeological museum.

As you wander amongst the ruins of the Celsus Library and the Hadrian Gate, you’ll be able to imagine the prowess and majesty that Ephesus once held and the glories it has seen. Then, you’ll also get to visit The Virgin Mary’s House – a building at the top of Mount Bulbul that Mary is said to have visited after the city embraced Christianity and turned away from the Cult of Artemis.

Penang National Park Jungle Trek – Penang, Malaysia

Penang National Park

If you love to get involved in active pursuits whilst on holiday and you have a passion for nature, this explorative excursion will be perfect. From the edge of the Penang National Park, you will venture to its highest point, past endemic flora that includes carnivorous monkey cups and beautiful orchids. Once at the top, you’ll be able to enjoy breathtaking views before descending down into the Pantai Kerachut Valley.

Whilst keeping an eye (and ear) out for macaques and spectacle monkeys, you’ll trek to the Meromictic Lake, where the freshwater and sea water don’t mix and remain as two separate layers. Continuing on, your walk will take you to a beach where large numbers of green turtles arrive every year to lay their eggs.

River Tubing Adventure – Cabrits, Dominica

River Tubing

When other shore excursions seem too slow-paced for you, what do you do? Well, if you find yourself on one of our Leeward Islands itineraries, you can sign up for this thrilling river tubing adventure. Having docked in Dominica, known to some as ‘the land of 365 rivers’, you will take to the water in a modified rubber ring for a wet and wild time.

A short safety briefing will tell you all you need to know and then you will be let loose to be at the mercy of the current. With a short break in the middle to relax on the river bank, you will spend roughly an hour paddling downstream before cooling off with a refreshing rum punch.

‘Napoleon’s Tour’ – Elba, Italy


When it comes to places to which you could be exiled, the beautiful Italian island of Elba is not a bad option. It was here that Napoleon was banished by the Allies in 1814 after agreeing to the Treaty of Fontainebleau. Whilst he was only on the island for less than a year, he used his time to overhaul the legal and educational systems, build a small army and construct new roads, leaving behind a legacy that can still be seen today.

One remaining vestige of the Emperor is Villa San Martino, which you will get to visit. As well as featuring the rooms that Napoleon and his officers stayed in, the villa is home to a collection of Napoleonic artefacts curated by Count Anatolio Demidoff. Afterwards, the excursion will continue on to a wine estate that hosted Napoleon during his time on the island. ‘La Chiusa’ is in a beautiful position overlooking the sea and will offer the chance to try some local wine varieties.

If you would like to know more about the shore excursions available on a Star Clippers cruise, you can contact the team on 0845 200 6145 or click here to join our online chat. We would like to take this opportunity to wish all of our readers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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