8 Things You Didn’t Know About Star Clippers

6th December 2018

Offering a unique sailing experience, Star Clippers is not like your usual cruise line. Modelled on some of the finest clipper ships to ever sail the seven seas, these vessels are a beautiful sight to behold and are even more special when seen in full flight.

You’re sure to learn a lot about the history of sailing whilst on board, but why not start your ingratiation into the world of Star Clippers now? Here are some fun facts you probably don’t already know..

Born To Race

Star Clipper and Star Flyer

The Star Clippers vessels are created in the image of clipper ships that once raced through the waters at high speed, with the wind in their sails. And, back at the start of the 21st century, both Star Clipper and Star Flyer were put through their paces at the annual Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta. Competing in the Tall Ships World Peace Cup, the vessels were stripped of their furniture and anything else that wasn’t needed before doing what they were born to do.

We Need More Dacron

Royal Clipper

Royal Clipper boasts a massive 56,000 square feet of sails, all made from the finest Dacron (a synthetic polyester). When the order was put into Doyle Ploch Sailmakers during construction, the demand was so high that it depleted the entire supply of Dacron in the US. More of the tough, stretchy fabric had to be shipped over from Europe in order to complete all 42 sails.

Who’s A Pretty Boy?

Red Parrot

The Caribbean vibe in the Tropical Bar creates a fantastic atmosphere for drinks with friends, but there used to be another crew member who spent their time here. Until relatively recently, each ship had its own parrot and all three birds became firm favourites with the guests. Although the colourful creatures were always treated well, concerns about animal welfare eventually meant they were relieved of their onboard duties.

Secrets Of The Deep

Spa With Portholes

Standing up on deck, you’re likely to enjoy some fantastic views of the passing scenery and out to sea. But, did you know that it’s also possible to see what’s happening beneath the waves? Venture below deck to the Captain Nemo Spa and Lounge for a relaxing treatment and you can delight in soothing views through portholes. Located in the treatment rooms and the gym, the portholes are accessible when the ship is anchored and may reveal some secrets of the deep.

Missing Figureheads

Royal Clipper Figurehead

Neither Star Clipper nor Star Flyer have figureheads at the front of their bows, but this was not always the case. Originally, carved golden eagles sat at the front of the ship, casting their gaze out to sea. However, after being lost in storms multiple times, the decision was made to remove them for good. Royal Clipper, on the other hand, proudly displays a figurehead moulded to look like Marie Krafft, daughter of founder Mikael Krafft and now Director of Sales.

Luxury, Multiplied

Owner's Suite

Royal Clipper’s two Owner’s Suites offer the highest level of luxury on board. Staying in one will give you access to 320 square feet of space, 24-hour cabin service, a complimentary mini-bar and a whirlpool bath. However, there’s always the option to make your stay on board even more lavish. On request, the two suites can be combined to create a giant personal space that will offer endless comfort and your own private staircase to the public areas.

Swedish Inspiration

Swedish Island

For all the exotic destinations that Star Clippers can take you to, it’s surprising to think that it was all inspired by Sweden. Founder Mikael Krafft puts the creation of the first Star Clippers ship, Star Flyer, down to his childhood sailing trips through the Scandinavian country’s 28,000 islands. This, combined with other experiences led him to replicate his memories in the form of sailing ships for the paying public.

Released From Restrictions

Casually Dressed And Deep In Conversation

Some cruise holidays can make you feel restricted with rules on when and where you can eat and what you have to wear during mealtimes. However, at Star Clippers, we want you to feel relaxed at all times and be able to have the holiday they want. That’s why guests on board all three of our vessels are encouraged to dress casually and to come and go from the dining rooms whenever they like within long serving hours.

If you would like to know more about what it’s like to sail with Star Clippers, our team can offer advice and recommendations from their time on board. Call us on 0845 200 6145 or chat to an advisor through the website.

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