The Memorable Moments Of A Star Clippers Cruise

2nd November 2018

A Star Clippers cruise is unlike any other. These majestic tall ships combine the nostalgic atmosphere of traditional sailing with modern comforts and exciting destinations that inspire the travellers of today.

If you choose to sail on board Star Clipper, Star Flyer or Royal Clipper, you are sure to remember every second of your fantastic holiday, but some experiences will stick out more than others. Here are some ‘pinch yourself’ moments that you can look forward to on the ship.


Royal Clipper Sunset

When anybody sails with Star Clippers for the first time, they always comment on how magical the sailaway experience is. Standing on deck with a cocktail in-hand, you’ll have the sound of Vangelis’s ‘Conquest of Paradise’ ringing in your ears and bringing goosebumps to your skin.

As the crew begin to hoist the sails, you can look out into the distance and start to imagine what wonders you will encounter on your cruise. Often, this moving scene is made all the more special by a beautiful sunset.

Relaxing In The Nets

Bowsrpit nets

You may think that sea days on board a Star Clippers vessel will be boring but, actually, the opposite is true. These lazy days in the open ocean are often some of the most memorable because they give you a chance to relax and have some time for reflection.

One of the best places to do this is in the nets at the front of the ship. Known as the bowsprit nets, the taught ropes provide a unique place to lounge with a loved one and gaze out to sea (or into each other’s eyes). If you’re in the right part of the world, you can also be on the lookout for dolphins.

Climbing To The Crow’s Nest

Crow's Nest

Another great activity to take part in during sea days is climbing the rigging all the way up to the crow’s nest. This may take a fair amount of bravery, but the views from the top are well worth it and the activity is free. You’ll be placed into a harness and then strapped to a safety rope via a metal hook.

After climbing almost to the top of the 226 feet mast (197 on Royal Clipper), you then have to climb through what’s known as the Lubber’s Hole and then into the crow’s nest itself. Don’t forget to grab some fantastic pictures of the view and some selfies to prove you conquered the challenge.

Water Sports


Not all of the fantastic activities take place on the ship, as shown by the various water sports that are complimentary for guests. If you’re sailing on Royal Clipper, the ship has its own dedicated water sports platform that springs into action when needed, whilst Star Flyer and Star Clipper guests will be able to enjoy water sports from the tender boats or from the shore.

You’re sure to treasure the time you spent discovering the colourful life beneath the surface of the water or the laughs you and your group have whilst trying to hold on tight to the banana boat. This is also the opportunity to try something you’ve never had the chance to do – like wind surfing or water skiing.

Returning To The Ship

Star Clipper and Star Flyer

One downside of sailing on board such a magnificent ship is that everyone else gets to admire the vessel as you sail past, but you rarely get such a good view of her in all her glory. That’s why the chance to take a few pictures whilst returning in the tender boat is one you should definitely take advantage of.

You’ll also be able to see the ship amidst glorious backdrops from various vantage points on shore. If you’re not sure what you want to do when in port, maybe hiking to a great spot and looking back at the ship is something to consider.

If you would like to experience some of these memorable moments for yourself, we can help make your Star Clippers dreams a reality. Call the team on 0845 200 6145 or chat to an advisor through the website.

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